MDSF Events

Nutrition Challenge 2013

MDSoF intentions for the 2013 Nutrition Challenge: All MDSoF athletes participate at the appropriate level for each athlete. All participants understand and practice “eating is training.” All participants understand health comes from practicing healthy habits and living a healthy lifestyle year after year. Rules for both Rx and scaled: Saul […]

Make Life Happen

As you know, MDSoF has always valued education and developing technique as the fastest, easiest and safest way of getting stronger, more fit and, most importantly, healthier. There are definitely some times when it seems that some athletes just want to get sweaty and don’t really care how they move, […]

Administrivia: Schedule Change

We are cancelling the 7 PM class on Wednesday, Dec. 19 and the 6 AM class on Thursday, Dec. 20. I will gladly have a class Friday morning if requested. The reason we are cancelling classes is that we are going to have the mother of all team meetings Wednesday […]

Recipe Swap 12

There has been a lot of good food going around at parties and trips, so we have a bunch of recipes that need to be swapped. Here are the requests: Sarah: Paleo Banana bread you brought to the last F2H2. Gwyn: Mashed squash at last F2H2. Praveen: Tandori Chicken you […]