Coaching the Plank   Recently updated !

Planks are a great exercise but, for a few athletes, they can be really hard on the back and/or neck. Described here is the way I teach planks so that athletes are safe and can still feel like they are getting a workout. Yes, there are a lot of steps […]

Mad Dawg School of Fitness is CLOSED   Recently updated !

After twelve awesome years, Susan and I have moved to Reno, NV. Saul is continuing to personal train once a month in the Redwood City area at Homegrown CrossFit. The only service he provides to new athletes is a Functional Movement Screen and movement assessment. Please contact him to set […]

Mad Dawg Method

As Mad Dawg moves from analog to digital, here is our first post describing our why, how and what: Why: We are changing the way healthcare is delivered. How: We help pain-free athletes progress from beginner to mastery, in activities that bring them joy, using a movement-focused, education-driven curriculum How […]

In Search of Personal Trainers

Summary: Mad Dawg School of Fitness is looking for a knowledgeable, possibly to the point of geekiness, Personal Trainer. MDSoF has provided high level strength and conditioning coaching to all levels of athletes since 2006. In one day, you could be teaching a 70 year old athlete to squat, working […]

Q2 Programming – Cycle 2

Here is the Q2 overview for programming and the cycle 2 details. The second cycle is Kettlebell-centric. Here is a demonstration of the standards we will be teaching towards created by Strong First (this is better and more thorough than anything I could have created). We will be performing the […]