What We Do

  • We seek to understand and address your specific goals and limitations.
  • We start each new Mad Dawg athlete with a complimentary one-hour personal ‘Get Started’ session that includes a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and personalized exercises.
  • We structure our classes so that beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes can perform movements at the highest intensity for their level of ability and experience.
  • We have specialized weekly classes to help you focus on mobility & stability, stretching, core-strengthening, bodyweight skills, olympic weight-lifting, and low-impact training.
  • We support and encourage you on your journey to athletic maturity. We hold monthly special skills classes that focus on the development of skills such as running, rowing, body-weight skills, crawling, using special implements (kettlebells, clubs, maces…).
  • We have developed a network of health and fitness professionals, including a Massage Therapist, Physical Therapists,  a Chiropractor,  a Podiatrist, a Life Health, & Wellness Coach, and other medical and movement professionals to help you stay healthy and develop fitness.
  • We hold regularly scheduled social events that build community and connection.

Getting Started at Mad Dawg School of Fitness