Senior Strength Coach/Personal Trainer

Mad Dawg School of Fitness is a community of athletes and coaches who have come together to achieve physical fitness and athletic maturity.

We’re a diverse group of individuals with a spectrum of ability from beginner to mature athlete. We practice and train functional movements with an emphasis on personal and athletic development in a safe and supportive environment, and we have made Mad Dawg School of Fitness much more than a place to work out. 

Senior Personal Trainer

This role is heavily involved in programming, coaching, client management, and being part of the coaching team.

You may notice that there’s nothing about sales here. That’s because coaches at Mad Dawg don’t sell, they coach!


Basic knowledge


  • You need to be very comfortable with the basics of anatomy and physiology (e.g. major bones of upper and lower body by name, basic muscles of upper and lower body). In particular, having a solid understanding of both the stabilizers and prime movers of shoulder and hip will be very helpful.
  • You need to know the muscles and processes that contribute to core stabilization.
  • You must be familiar with the function of the major joints, and be able to describe the “Joint-by-Joint” approach. If you don’t already know the 4 x 4 matrix, we will help you understand and implement it into your warm-ups and training.


Coaching Skills


  • You have substantial experience leading classes ranging from 2-15 athletes.
  • You have a professional approach to teaching. You can give your focus to all athletes in the class, regardless of their level, use a variety of teaching and leadership styles, and have an understanding of learning styles.
  • You can use one or more assessment techniques for joint function.
  • You know how to prioritize movement dysfunctions and program towards resolution.
  • You know how to demonstrate to a class: squats, deadlifts, presses, clean & jerk, snatch, and core body weight movements like push up, pull up, handstands.

The Ideal Candidate would be familiar with

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Starting Strength, Westside Barbell, Joe Kenn’s Tier System, and Catalyst Athletics programming and training philosophies.
  • Original Strength, Animal Flow, Gymnastics Bodies or Gold Medal Body Gymnastics movements, progressions and programming these movements in both a conditioning context and rehab and/or movement skill development context.




  • Be able to program with a focus on Strength & Mobility for athletes who have a variety of athletic maturities and levels of health.


Work Habits


  • You are a “team player” in the sense that you communicate with other coaches to make sure that athletes get the coaching they need.
  • You are pleasant and welcoming to clients, understanding that you’re the “face” of a small business.
  • You are punctual. When you’re scheduled to teach a class, you get there as early as you need to, to ensure everything runs smoothly (which usually means 10-15 minutes early).
  • When you belong to a gym, you find yourself taking care of things just because they need to be taken care of. You have a sense of stewardship towards your gym facilities.


We are looking for the right person. Hours and salary are negotiable. Please send your resume in PDF format to info at maddawgfitness dot com.