Q1 Programming 1

Here are the overview and the first cycle sheets. I had planned to have the whole year done by now but…

Here are some notes on my “short hand” and some other info you’ll need to understand them:

  • SA = Single arm
  • OH = Overhead
  • HS or HSPU = Handstand and Headstand Push-up – Note that a headstand is the typical CF “handstand” push-up, a real Handstand push-up is a full range of motion movement with parallettes
  • KTE/TTB/PV = Knees-to-Elbows/Toes-to-Bar/Pole Vaulters
  • Hollow R&R = Hollow Rock and Roll, roll from the hollow position to a super(wo)man position
  • HSPU or Lever Progression: The athlete will chose the correct step of the progression to practice
  • Supine Can-can = A bridge with while lifting one leg at a time

As you can see, we are now focusing on four different types of workout in each of the 4 micro cycles in the 12 week cycle. For the next week or so, we will focus on BW workouts. The next three week cycle we will focus on KB workouts, etc.

There is new kind of strength session I am calling “8 – 9 – 10.” In this workout, we are going to do all three lifts but at a much lower weight than we usually do. For instance, it will look like this:
2 x 4 – Box Squats (~70% so you’ll have to do one or two warm-up sets)
3 x 3 – DL or Power Clean (~60% these will be light enough to do without a specific warm-up)
2 x 5 – Bench press (~60% these will be light enough to do without a specific warm-up)

These workouts are going to be a little crazy because it might be hard to figure out how to get your weights ready in time, but we are going to work our way through the logistics.

I hope this helps to figure out the programming at MDSoF. If you have any questions please post them here or talk to me in person.

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