CF Games Open 13.3 – Welcome To The Jungle

I thought 13.1 and 13.2 were bad but 13.3 has been the worst and the worst thing was that I knew how bad it was going to be! Welcome to the jungle! Well anyway, I managed to live in spite of bonking in a pretty bad way. Here are a few things to remember for this workout:

Position: You will become intimately familiar with the bottom of the squat. Prepare yourself appropriately with some hip flossing. You may also consider two things, widening your stance a bit so that your torso can be as upright as possible and some back extension (starts about 3:00) and shoulder mobilizing (starts about 4:00). If you have time, check out KStarr’s prep for 12.4.

Movement: Use breathing to guide your flow and timing at least for a while ’til all hell breaks lose. Warm-up with some light to medium front squats. Breathe or talk during them to see what it is like to squat deep with some eccentric loading while breathing. Yes, I know that some people think that Wall Balls are either Jack-ass-tic or for a$@&*les but the reality is that they are a great test for stability without the use of inter-abdominal pressure.

Strength: Wall Balls are hard not because of the jump up but because you have to control the ball as you sink into a squat. Eccentric loading is one of the primary causes of Rhabdomyolosis in people who strength train. Many runners who don’t strength train get Rhabdo from running downhill. I once gave myself a minor case when I was feeling good and ran a hilly trail run faster than I had trained. Recover from a workout like this by drinking water and doing lots of gentle stretching (I would recommend hamstring rainbow, you can do the distraction with the small red bands, and couch) and rolling your quads.

Good luck to everyone!