Twelve Weeks Til Tough Mudder

We have about 12 weeks to go to the Tough Mudder! It is probably a good idea to start your running training pretty soon. 🙂

Here is a map of the next 6 weeks

===== 12 weeks to go =====
Sat., June 30, 9 AM: Greenmeadow pool — This workout is for anyone, regardless of swimming ability. We will have Kris and Leigh Anne there, as well as Susan and I, so there will plenty of people to help you work on swim efficiency. There will be a short swim and run workout at the end.

Wed., July 4th, 8:45 AM: 5k + Parade Run in RWC

Tough Mudder Exercise Prep:
Do about 5 KM/3 MI run in the first week of July. Keep track of your time. You can do 5 times around the big loop if it makes it easier for you to schedule. Everyone should be running/walking for 40 min. or more at least once per week starting now in addition to your workouts. Each week you should increase your workout time by about 20%. Here is what that looks like:
Week 12 40 min
Week 11 48 min
Week 10 58 min
Week 9 69 min
Week 8 83 min
Week 7 100 min
Week 6 119 min
Week 5 143 min
Week 4 172 min
Week 3 206 min
Week 2 60 min or less
Week 1 Race day

Tough Mudder Fueling Prep:
Read this article and let me know if you have any questions.

Some additional notes regarding fueling

You should start working on what you are going to eat on race day now. We are still doing shorter workouts now, so it isn’t necessary to eat much during or after workout, but in the near future we will be going longer (i.e. over 2 hours of walking/running). This is when you should be sorting out your food, clothes, etc.

One more thing, Mark makes a big deal about food quality on race day. I don’t think that is necessary, some of the worlds best athletes drink de-fizzed coke on race day. What I think is important is the following (in order of importance):

  1. Eat enough food so that you are not hungry and most importantly, you are happy (one of the first symptoms of poor fueling/hydration is getting tired and/or cranky, not good in a team event).
  2. Don’t eat so much that you barf or get cramps.
  3. Don’t eat anything new or different on race day.
  4. Eat before you are hungry, drink before you are thirsty.

We have about 9 2 hr+ training runs/walks and the race is in 88 days. If you eat 3 meals per day, that is about 264 meals. Eating 9 sugar-based meals (that’s about 3.5% of your meals) is not going be a problem. We will have some Accelerade at the pool this weekend, as well as some fruit and beef jerky so you can see what works for you.

Ask any of the coaches what works for them. Everyone has some experience with endurance events, what works for one person might not work for another.

===== 11 weeks to go =====
Sat., July 7, 9 AM: Regular Sat workout

Thurs., July 12, 6 PM: TM Thursday trail run with Heather

===== 10 weeks to go =====
Sat., July 14, 9 AM: Regular Sat workout

===== 9 weeks to go =====
Sat., July 21, 9 AM: Regular Sat workout

===== 8 weeks to go =====
Sat., July 28, 9 AM: Long hike (Black Mountain or in SF)

===== 7 weeks to go =====
Sat., Aug 4, 9 AM: Regular Sat workout

=== Save The Date =====
Sat. and Sun., Aug 25 & 26, TM Altitude camp at Carr Lake/Emigrant Gap