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I am naming this workout “it’s just a wafer thin mint” after a conversation Eric O, Louis, Ryan and I had the other day at the gym. Many times, after some thing goes horribly wrong with drinking or eating too much, the tendency is to blame the last thing you ate. However, the issue usually starts much earlier.

As usual you should check out Kelly’s prep video and Carl Paoli’s video as well as the free box jump video they posted on the CF Journal. It’s 20 minutes long but really full of good information.

Here are the three (plus) issues that I think any athlete should address in their movement prep, warm-up and workout strategy. These are not in order because if you have really tight ankles you may have to double-down on ankle prep.

  • Ankle mobility (or lack thereof): The majority of the reps are going to involve flexing and extending your ankle and with many of our athletes that could be over 100 up to 400 reps.
  • Lack of hip stability: The easiest thing to do when doing this many push presses is to dip forward onto your ankles and knees and not flex the hip. This is a huge mistake for both safety and performance issues.
  • Thoracic spine hyper-extension: Take some time to open up your t-spine so that you can get into the best overhead position as fast and easily as possible without hyper-extending.

Athletes who are coming in Saturday morning, Friday prep should include some ankle rolls on the bar bell like Kelly shows in the video and some ball on the hip (where, all over, even on the side where it’s a little tender, see Kelly’s squat prep video).

Warm-up on Saturday will start early for old guys at 9 AM. Athlete’s meeting at 9:30 AM. Warm-up at 9:40 AM and first workout starts at 10 AM.

Some people want to workout on Saturday, but don’t want to do the crazy CF Open workouts, don’t worry we’ll have a workout for you too. Come at 10 AM to warm-up and then we’ll get you going with the second group at about 10:30.

3 thoughts on “CF Games Open 12.3

  • Kris

    I’m traveling this weekend so I had to do this one Thursday morning on my own! I submitted it for video scoring, which was almost harder than the workout.

    I got 4 rounds, plus 9 “Push Presses.” Per the standards video, though, it was really a shoulder-to-overhead, and I did all of mine as split jerks. That was definitely the limiting factor for me, the volume killed me at that weight. I was able to do all of my T2B unbroken, a first for me, and the biggest problem I had with the box jumps was a few brain farts sticking with the standard (stand at the top of the box, no stepping off.)

    Anyway, if you want to see some assorted ugliness here’s my judging video:

  • Susan

    You did great, Kris! That is around the same score of most of our athletes – the push press was a real challenge as you said; just heavy enough to make it hard to push press it. I’m glad you’re doing the competition!

  • Gwyn Gordon

    Am I the only one who is standing in awe of the crazy-a** sh** y’all are doing? Everyone who has made this commitment is, in my opinion, a superhero. Capes for everyone!

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