CF Games 12.2 – A Night in Vegas 2

This is CF Games Open Workout 12.2:

Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs)
Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)

I am calling CF Games 12.2 A Night in Vegas because it could be really fun OR it could go horribly wrong and be something you regret for a long time. I think you can do this workout safely but there is risk and I hope this video helps you prepare correctly and perform the workout safely and, most importantly, efficiently. I am really liking the programming for the Open this year because the workouts reward good technique.

The first, and most important, thing to do is check out both KStarr’s Mobility WOD post and Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic WOD post on this workout. Within that context, there are three areas that we need to work on to be able to do the workout safely and efficiently:

  1. Set-up: We need to make sure that our backs are fully extended for each and every rep in the workout. That is a little tricky when setting up from the top as Kelly explains, but it is relatively easy after you have stopped and need to start again from the bottom. This is a no-brainer, take time to practice setting up at the bottom quickly.
  2. Catching the weight: Many people will go so fast that they forget to catch the weight in a mini-squat with ankles, knees and hips flexed, and only use their knees and ankles. You can see a great example of that on the demo page of 12.2. Dan, on the left, is getting most of his flexion from his knees and ankles, while Rich, on the right, is in a good squat position. Practice getting into a deep-ish squat position, and the mini-squat position in a power or a muscle snatch will come easy. If you just work on getting under the bar as fast as you can, when you get tired you won’t have the deep squat when you need it.
  3. Lowering the weight: Kelly has a great way of explaining what he calls torque farming in his prep video. When you get to the top of the lift make sure that you take a deep breath to get your abs tight so you will be able to keep tight on the way down.

Here’s how we are preparing for the Saturday morning workout.

Thursday workout:
10 Rounds on the 1:00 interval
2 x 2-position snatch with your beginning weight for WOD 12.2 (instead of going from the floor first, go from the hang first, then the floor)

We are using light weights and a full squat so we can work on each of the three issues I previously mentioned. Work issue 1 on the dead lift to the hang snatch. Work issue 2 on the hang snatch by catching in a deep-ish squat. Finally, as you lower the bar from the hang snatch, work on issue 3 by moving your hips backward and keeping your shoulders back. Practice setting up from the top by doing a touch and go snatch into the snatch from the ground.

If you absolutely have to lift something heavy for confidence sake, do it after all 10 rounds. Remember, this workout is a test of technique not strength. Dial in your technique with light weights.

Friday night or early Saturday morning:
Softball or lacrosse ball on the butt and side of hip 4:00 each side. Most you MDSoFers know what I mean, but just in case you forgot, check this out (about 2:45).

Saturday workout:
Movement Prep:
Internal rotation with lacrosse ball 2:00/side
Squat prep about 3:00/side
T-Spine rolling with hands held down overhead (about 6:30) about 3:00.

Pre-workout: Do lots of arm swings like KStarr was talking about in his video and then Thursdays workout for 5 rounds with your opening weight.

Finally, below is a video demonstrating the technique and the intensity. I am going to have to work on reducing some of my back hyper-extension. Also this is the intensity for me because I know I am not going to get through all of the 63 KG snatches (my max snatch is 70 KG) so I am keeping the intensity down a little so that I can be as fresh as possible for the 63 KG snatches.

Good luck to everyone, see you Saturday morning!

2 thoughts on “CF Games 12.2 – A Night in Vegas

  • Kris

    Thanks for posting all this, Saul. At my gym it’s a free-for-all in terms of warming up and preparing – for the burpees I pretty much did them cold. I felt a lot more ready this time, even though my score didn’t necessarily show it.

    I did 31 reps, but the 1 was a snatch PR for me! I knocked out the first 30 in 2 minutes, and spent the next 8 failing to get 135 until the last five seconds. Under pressure, I guess I finally stopped overthinking it and just dropped under and stood up.

    Not too many people in the competition would be proud of that score, but I am. 😀

  • saulj

    Regarding the preparation, I am glad this post was useful. I am going to try to get the next one out a little sooner. I think your score might not change too much with better movement prep, but you won’t be as sore and less likely to be injured.

    I think being able to get a PR at the end of a 10 minute workout is pretty dang awesome! It just shows that if you prepare and do some good warm-up, you should be able to increase that PR.

    It will be interesting to see what the next workout will be, I think the first two have been really good.

    Looking forward to hearing how the next one goes for you.

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