CrossFit Games Open Coming Up!

This week we are starting 5 weeks of CrossFit Games Competition. Here is how it will work:

  • Every Wednesday at around 5 PM the CF Games site will post the WOD for the week.
  • Members of MDSoF will have two opportunities to do the Games WOD during the week, Thursday and Saturday. Non-members can only do the Games WOD here on Saturday.
  • The Thursday Big Dawg workout will most likely be an interval version of the Games WOD, so that athletes can get used to the flow and character of the work out but at a reduced intensity. If you won’t be available on Saturday, you can do the full version on Thursday.
  • If the workout are anything like last year, they will be fairly light so that as many people as possible can participate. While you are encouraged to sign-up for the Games (it’s only $20 for all 5 events), you aren’t required to register to do the Saturday workout.
  • There will be no workouts at Sequoia H.S. until March 31. All Saturday workouts will be at the gym. It is possible that we may have some workouts at CrossFit San Carlos or CrossFit San Mateo, check out our blog and/or FB for the final details.

Saturday mornings in excruciatingly minute detail:

  • The athlete meeting will cover the movement standards and clarification of the rules. If you miss this meeting, please don’t expect to waste the other athletes’ time by having it explained on your time schedule.
  • Athletes who attend the athletes’ meeting will have priority on start times.
  • Gym opens at 9:00 AM, athletes meeting starts at 9:30 AM, workouts start at 10 AM exactly. If you want to start at 10 AM, you will have to be there early to warm-up and prepare.
  • All athletes are expected to judge. We may have enough judges so that everyone can go at the same time, but it is possible that we may have several small groups.

Please post any comments or questions.