The TNF Endurance Challenge 50KM Follow-up

The North Face Endurance Challenge was held under clear sky with temps just right for running. Gotta love Cali weather. I didn’t do that great, my knee froze up at 8 miles. Yar! did great and finished in 6:55, in addition he ran most of the way up Marincello Fire Road, which is the last long hill of the race, which is pretty amazing. Streeter finished in 6:45, this was Chris’ first 50 KM race! Here are some of Streeter’s pictures and a video he created of pictures of himself taken at each mile.

Congratulations to both of them for preparing and finishing sub 7:00.

The race site is a beautiful section of the coast. If you ever get a chance to hike, bike or run in this area, it is amazing! In addition, if you want to experiment with trail running race, this is the one. They offer many distances and the races are really well run. Also the Pacific Crest Trail Runs are pretty well run too.

Some of you might be wondering what would drive someone to run or even watch a race of this distance. Check out this video Samantha sent me. The video shows how beautiful it is and how fast they run. This clip shows the men but the women are only a little slower and sometimes women win overall!