Amanda 3

We are doing Amanda today and I wanted to demo how I think the WOD should be scaled so that you can practice a skill and get a little idea of the intensity at this last weekends Northern California CrossFit Games Regionals. This is a power workout, it should be done in the range of 5:00 – 7:00 or shorter if possible. Do the best movements possible, the fastest you can, in that order.

At the end of the second video, I misspoke regarding the time for the first round, it took me 1:38, which is just about right to finish in the prescribed time, do not take more than 2:30 for the first round if you want to do the workout correctly. Use the warm-up to figure out a pace. Notice there is no mention of weight for Big Dawgs, it is the quality of movement that counts here. (Apologies for the lateness on the videos, I guess we have a slow connection. Movies should be up by 6 PM though.)

Amanda – Part 1.

Amanda – Part 2.

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  • susan

    Maryann! We’ve got a way for you to do this, you know we ALWAYS have ways of making it possible! I can’t remember if you’ve done the snatch yet – but you’re going to be good at it!

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