Grass-Fed Beef

I just got this email from Tim:

This is the newsletter from the company where Danielle and I get our grassfed beef. Apparently they’re still looking for buyers for a bunch of beef. I’m sure they’d appreciate it if you post the info on your board, or let people know. The way it works is that on several days (always weekdays) they drive their truck through the Bay Area, stopping in certain locations to drop off beef. You don’t have to drive all the way to their farms to pick it up. You sign up now, pay a deposit, and on July 7 or August 25 they’re hitting Palo Alto, SF, and San Jose. We’ve bought from them twice and are very happy. Also we went to their farm fun day a while back and it was awesome. These cows eat nothing but grass.

===== end of Tim’s email ==========

Morris Grassfed requires that you buy at least a split half (i.e. a quarter of a cow) which is about 80 lbs at $6.30/lb or about $500. They also will store and deliver the order over time, CSA-style, but that increases the cost to $7.10/lb.

If you want to buy a smaller quantity, you can talk to Gary at Moon Meadow. They have smaller quantities and also deliver to the Belmont Farmers Market.

Finally, here’s the deal with buying from the farm, it’s not like a supermarket, they don’t always have meat to sell. Even though buying a quarter is a lot of meat, sometimes it is worth it.

There are a number of us at the gym who have bought meat from the farm, if you have questions, please ask someone at the gym or post your questions.