Monthly Archives: May 2011

Murph – Are You Ready? 1

I don’t think I have ever done Murph on my own, I have always done it as team. I am fine with that because I have worked out with a few Navy Seals and they have the capacity of 3 normal athletes. If you want to do it on your […]

Squatting – Part III

As I promised in my post last week, there were a number of statements in the articles I posted links to that raised some questions for me. I will list them and also provide some links that may have some answers. Motor programming/motor planning: KStarr seems to think that the […]

Excuses and Influence 1

A few weeks ago Jason posted a link to the “What’s Your Excuse” video in one of the comments for the Excuses post. One of my personal training athletes sent it to all the coaches at Stanford (she’s on a mailing list with them). I understand they liked Jason’s link. […]

Grass-Fed Beef

I just got this email from Tim: This is the newsletter from the company where Danielle and I get our grassfed beef. Apparently they’re still looking for buyers for a bunch of beef. I’m sure they’d appreciate it if you post the info on your board, or let people know. […]


I think it is pretty interesting that there is so much talk about squatting, toes-in-toes-out, bar placement, etc. I figure these people have opinions because it is such an important movement, that is why I have been stressing squatting at least twice a week. If you like to geek out […]