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I was reminded today that I haven’t posted in a month. I find that hard to believe that since I have so many blog posts in my head, but I checked and, sure enough, I, I guess it’s we now, have let a month go by without posting.

Probably the most important thing we are doing now is the Look Better (Almost) Naked Challenge.

Here are the rules:

  • Monday, Jan. 3 – Saturday, Mar. 5 (Yes, I extended that contest a few days)
  • The goal is to look, feel and perform better. It is NOT necessary to keep a food log, but I think you will want to take some notes so you can see what discipline you have when you are done.
  • We suggest eating a diet that looks a lot like the Paleo Diet, but that is not necessary. If you think you can look, feel and perform better on beer and cupcakes, rock on!
  • It costs $40 to participate, the money will be divided up (minus a 10% shipping and handling charge) into prize money pools, one for men and one for women. First place will receive 50% and a month of free training, second place will receive 30% of the prize pool and 50% off a month of training and third place will be 20% of the prize pool and and 50% off a month of training.
  • Because I was slacker, we will close off entries on Monday, Jan. 17 at midnight. This just gives the people that were on it more time as a Fat Burner.
  • You have to give me three images of yourself, front, back and side, in whatever state of undress that will both show your body composition changes and be appropriate to show your fellow athletes in a family gym.
  • You have to do a workout like Fran, that will show your changes in performance. If you are suffering from extreme hormonal derangement, I might suggest a something a little less intense, like the big loop (1000M run) and a max back squat.
  • “After” pictures taken, in the same clothes as “before” pictures preferably, between March 1 and March 4 and available for judging on March 5. No exceptions.

  • The pictures taken are PRIVATE and seen only by the same gender participants. Saul and Susan will pick the finalists, the top 5 men and women whose body composition changed the most (based on pictures only)
. Participants will then vote for the finalist who has made the most changes on Saturday, March 5. To be clear, men participants vote on the man who has made the most changes in the group of finalists. Women participants vote on the woman who has made the most changes in the group of finalists. There will be no general viewing of photos.

Good luck everyone! Post questions and comments…

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  • Susan

    Rock and Roll, everyone. Holler if you have questions on how to WIN this challenge – we’ve got a bunch of folks who can help you reach your goal to Look Better ALMOST Naked!

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