Weekend Warrior Series World Championships 2

WOD 1: Josh Anchors on WOD 1.

This years Weekend Warrior Series was amazing. There were 20 teams from California and Nevada. MDF made it to the Championships with 7 other teams. We were 3rd after the first WOD but weren’t able to finish the 2nd WOD so that put us in 5th place. All of the events were super fun and very well organized. The Championships were no exception and even had a Beer and BBQ Bash afterward.

We are looking forward to having a number of scaled and “Rxed” teams next year, so clear your calendar for September and October weekends!

A huge thank you to all participants and spectators, especially to Joan who organized the team.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior Series World Championships

  • Susan

    MDF athletes – this is a chance for you to set the goal of being on a team for Fall 2011! Super fun, super good experience, and a great way to add a goal for your training! As Saul said, there will be multiple levels of competition and even a ‘scaled’ league – so get ready! We want everyone to have an opportunity to compete.

  • joan

    i appreciate the thanks but it is I who am thankful for a GREAT experience! dear MDF ladies, I will be signing you up for this next year (you know who you are!). also, Saul suggested an all women’s team which of course my feminist self would be up for. and to be clear SCALED OR RX … it is about being out there and doing the best you can at that time with whatever WOD is put in front of you.

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