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Shawn started training at MDF about 15 months ago and has made so many awesome changes, but, by far, where he has progressed the most is getting his back to straighten up, good old core tightness. He is regularly back squats body weight and his pull-ups are rockin’! The thing that I am most impressed with is that he really owns his fitness. By that I mean, when he isn’t feeling good, he does a recovery workout and/or rolls out. When he is feeling good he goes a little bit heavier. He is one our biggest supporters and evangelizes MDF and functional training to his family (he trains with his father sometimes) and friends. He’s even found a functional use for windmills (it’s true, I didn’t believe it but he showed me, they are functional movement)!

Thank you Shawn for sharing your steadfast commitment to fitness and your consistently cheerful attitude with MDF!

6 thoughts on “PDA: Shawn L

  • Susan

    Awesome plank, Shawn! It’s really cool to hear about your progress – Thanks, Saul, for letting us in on Shawn’s success. It’s really inspiring to hear how others have worked hard and benefitted from that hard work. Keep it up, Shawn!

  • Mildred

    Awesome Shawn!

    Saul, c’mon spill the beans about the functionality of the windmill. is it in the kitchen? 😉

  • Susan

    Good question, Mildred, about the functionality of the windmill… I think it has something to do with the BEDROOM.

  • Mildred

    Aha! The minute I sent my comment, I thought that might be the case. Somewhat related…there’s a pole dancing move that uses it too.

    Er, I saw it in a movie once. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  • Susan

    I get all of my educational information (such as the functionality of the windmill) from movies, the internet, and TV… otherwise, I really wouldn’t know… I’m just saying…

    I miss you, Mildred!
    I’m grateful every day, for the community we have at MDSF (Mad Dawg School of Fitness)… enjoy, everyone.

  • Samantha

    Nice job Shawn! You look money. And fit – which is more important. Congratulations on the great progress.

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