MDF Event: Amazing Grace! 4

Amazing Grace was AWESOME! Last year four affiliates raised $4,000 to support Mammograms In Action. This year the CrossFit community has gone above and beyond with participation from 292 affiliates around the world and raising over $250,000! MDF did pretty good with about $200 raised (it is hard to tell exactly how much we raised on this website).

As I have said before, MDF will be switching its focus from international and national fundraisers to fundraisers that benefit local groups in need. If you have a local charity please send an email to us, we would be interested in hearing what it is and how we can help.

4 thoughts on “MDF Event: Amazing Grace!

  • Susan

    So FUN to see men in pink bras… among other great memories of the Amazing Grace work out and day. Thanks, everyone!

  • joan

    this was a great evening! sometimes you have to be silly to combat serious things in life. I am super happy to be part of such a great group of people.

  • Susan

    Jason does look really good in pink. So does Brandon (um, I mean jorgt or whatever his nickname is)… and Dustin and Mike look quite STUNNING in pink underclothes that are meant for women.
    I agree with Joan – serious subject… humor helps.
    Thanks, everyone.

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