Monthly Archives: November 2010

Holiday Cooking Demo with Amy 1

Amy is going to have a Holiday Cooking Demo. This is going to be really fun and very informative. More details coming about how to sign up later this week. Where: San Carlos CrossFit, aka. the shop When: Sunday, Dec. 5, 9:30 to 11:30am What: Shopping at Belmont Farmer’s Market, […]

PDA: Shawn L 6

Shawn L Album Shawn started training at MDF about 15 months ago and has made so many awesome changes, but, by far, where he has progressed the most is getting his back to straighten up, good old core tightness. He is regularly back squats body weight and his pull-ups are […]

Recovery: What Can I Eat? 2

“Paleo Is logical framework applied to modern humans, not an historical reenactment.” — about 45:00 in episode 52 Obviously, the point is not to eat what the cavemen ate, for the sake of simplicity or “go back to a simpler time.” Nor is the diet only to aid in fat […]

MDF Event: Amazing Grace! 4

Amazing Grace was AWESOME! Last year four affiliates raised $4,000 to support Mammograms In Action. This year the CrossFit community has gone above and beyond with participation from 292 affiliates around the world and raising over $250,000! MDF did pretty good with about $200 raised (it is hard to tell […]