Tony Blauer In The House!

Well, he is not at MDF, but he will be close by, at San Carlos CrossFit. This is a GREAT opportunity to get some amazing training for pretty dang cheap.

Tony Blauer Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) Seminar

Highlighted Topics:
S.P.E.A.R. System Basics
Personal Defense Readiness (PDR)
Performance Psychology & Fear Management
Personal Safety & Awareness
What Are Your Natural Tools?
Combining CrossFit with PDR skills

Seminar held at San Carlos CrossFit on:
October 9th, 9 to 4pm (open to the public) – $99 adv/$149 door
October 10th, 10 to 4pm (Police/Mil/Fire Only) – $99 adv/$149 door
$149 adv/$199 door (Sat. and Sun. – Police/Mil/Fire Only)


Need more info about what will be covered?
“Why Combatives?” with Kelly Starrett – video [wmv] [mov]
Highlights from Blauer Tactical seminar at CrossFit Brand X [wmv][mov]
Origins of SPEAR, TonyBlauer [wmv][mov]
Function, with Tony Blauer [wmv][mov]
Saving Private Ryan Drill, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov]
ATM Strategy, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov]

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