PDA: Tony O! 3

We are starting a weekly feature called Public Display of Affection (PDA – The name will grow on you… I hope :-)).

The first recipient of MDF PDA is Tony O. Tony works at Cira Chiropractic and, after a while, Cathy convinced him to check out MDF. I think that was about two years ago; however, in the last year Tony has been on FIRE. He participated in our Paleo Challenge at the beginning of this year and hasn’t looked back since. He has lost over 25 pounds and is still losing weight. More importantly, his shoulders are much happier and is super strong and fit. You should see his burpees, they are a thing of beauty, seriously. Tony trains at lunch mostly, so many of you don’t know him, but sometimes he shows up on Friday eve. You will also see him next year at the Weekend Warrior Series. If you see him, give him some PDA!

Congratulations Tony!

3 thoughts on “PDA: Tony O!

  • Susan

    Tony O is awesome! It’s so cool to see his progress and his (always) smiling face – except for maybe when he’s doing those burpees.
    Seriously, Tony, it’s such a pleasure to see you work so hard and your progress – it’s an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for training with Saul at MDF!

  • joan

    I have heard A LOT about you and ALL of it is good. BEAUTIFUL pole-vaulters! Hope to have the opportunity to train with you soon!

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