Barbells for Boobs – Thursday, Oct. 28

Amazing Grace is fundraiser we are participating in this year which benefits Mammograms In Action. Grace is a benchmark CrossFit workout, 30 clean and jerks for time.

You can help support this important cause while joining the fun AND getting a great workout (note: you do not have to be a member to help and participate!):

Go to Register as an individual and be sure to select Mad Dawg Fitness as your affiliate! Then, start generating donations for the event! If you generate at least $35 in donations, you’ll receive a Barbells For Boobs t-shirt!

If you just want to support the cause (no pun intended), You can donate to your favorite athletes at the website location above.

We will be doing the workout all day, Thursday, Oct 28 and have a BBQ at 8 PM. If you want to bring something for the BBQ, sign up on the board at the gym.