Monthly Archives: October 2010

PDA: Tony O! 3

We are starting a weekly feature called Public Display of Affection (PDA – The name will grow on you… I hope :-)). The first recipient of MDF PDA is Tony O. Tony works at Cira Chiropractic and, after a while, Cathy convinced him to check out MDF. I think that […]

Push-up Challenge is Done!

Saturday, the day of the WWS #4, was also the last day of the Push-up Challenge. Congratulations to the survivors who did at least 5151 push-ups in 101 days! Finishers of the challenge were: Samantha P Praveen K Pardis K Tim N Danielle N Dylan A Curt C Josh D […]

Geek Speak: Shoulder Packing 1

Last week, I was talking to Anosh about a shoulder issue he was having. I was going to send him some videos about some basic shoulder anatomy and general issues, but then I thought it would probably be more useful to share here. If you have shoulder issues, most of […]

Barbells for Boobs – Thursday, Oct. 28

Amazing Grace is fundraiser we are participating in this year which benefits Mammograms In Action. Grace is a benchmark CrossFit workout, 30 clean and jerks for time. You can help support this important cause while joining the fun AND getting a great workout (note: you do not have to be […]

Tony Blauer In The House!

Well, he is not at MDF, but he will be close by, at San Carlos CrossFit. This is a GREAT opportunity to get some amazing training for pretty dang cheap. Tony Blauer Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) Seminar Highlighted Topics: S.P.E.A.R. System Basics Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) Performance Psychology & Fear […]

Updated Schedule 10/01/2010 – 10/09/2010 1

Here’s the latest(est) schedule: Fri. October 1 – No noon class. All other classes are on! Sat. October 2 – 8AM (“Ball & Chain” pre-wedding WOD) followed by a scrumptious (alas “not very paleo”) breakfast at 9AM Monday, Oct. 4 – No noon class. All other classes are on! Tuesday, […]