Coaching the Plank 2

Planks are a great exercise but, for a few athletes, they can be really hard on the back and/or neck. Described here is the way I teach planks so that athletes are safe and can still feel like they are getting a workout. Yes, there are a lot of steps […]

Mad Dawg School of Fitness is CLOSED

After twelve awesome years, Susan and I have moved to Reno, NV. Saul is continuing to personal train once a month in the Redwood City area at Homegrown CrossFit. The only service he provides to new athletes is a Functional Movement Screen and movement assessment. Please contact him to set […]

Move First, Think Later – 30 Minute Workouts

It’s funny how time slips away… I say that looking down the barrel into 2018 Q2. That makes it about a year I have been either planning a move, packing for a move, actually moving and/or unpacking from a move (sometimes all at the same time). I think I am […]

Mad Dawg Method

As Mad Dawg moves from analog to digital, here is our first post describing our why, how and what: Why: We are changing the way healthcare is delivered. How: We help pain-free athletes progress from beginner to mastery, in activities that bring them joy, using a movement-focused, education-driven curriculum How […]